• An early morning support call

    It felt like the middle of the night when the phone rang. It was a retired scientist who lived with his wife in a peaceful suburb of Mumbai. He would often visit his daughters who lived in the same city and tracked the real-time electricity consumption of his home. As a practice, we meet our users once a month and have shared our phone numbers with the first 250 users.

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  • Adla-Badli

    A pilot by profession was curious to know why his electricity bills are so high. He was a single person staying home for a few days of the month, but the electricity bills documented consumption for the full month. He came in contact with Ohm assistant, got the device installed, and now could trace the faults. 

    The story isn't over yet. He kept tracking his consumption at home or on duty. He found that his appliances were fine.

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  • Behavioral changes done right

    Ganesh is one of our founder’s friends. He stays with his wife and a 4-year-old daughter in a society in Mumbai. In the initial phase of our company, we wanted to install the OHM assistant in his society on a trial basis. Being a close friend, he got it installed in his meter. Once the period of trial was over, he realized the need for the product. Being happy with the overall experience, he got the device himself.

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  • Solar Power

    A user in Bangalore had a solar panel installed to reduce his energy consumption. He was a very responsible consumer and curious about his bills and hence bought the device.

    Anyways, all was going well until we, on our end, noticed his voltage going up to 300 volts. The problem is that the standard voltage supply should range between 220-260. Anything beyond that can fry a device and is a fire hazard.

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  • Powering the street light

    One of our user, excited to monitor his power consumption, kept tracking in the initial days. Now he knows his daily, weekly, and monthly activities very well. Through this monitoring, he found out that the daily consumption rises every evening all of a sudden with the same number of appliances being used. To know the exact cause for such deviation, he did a small exercise. He switched off all the appliances in the house and found that the application was still showing some power consumption.

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