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Ohm assistant (OA) Extended Warranty

Ohm assistant (OA) Extended Warranty

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  • The Extended Warranty Service Pack extends the original factory warranty period to provide peace of mind and product failure protection.
  • If your Ohm assistant (OA) product fails after the usual manufacturing warranty ends, you risk losing power protection and incurring hefty out-of-pocket charges for repairs or, if un-repairable, the need to purchase a new unit.
  • The OA Extended guarantee Service Pack provides a seamless extension of the usual factory guarantee by one or up to five years, depending on the Service Pack purchased.
  • The Extended Warranty Service Pack includes product replacement as well as one-time shipment.
  • The Extended Warranty Service Pack is available at any time within the original manufacturing warranty period.
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Terms of Installation

Third-Party Terms and Conditions

SustLabs Ohm Assistant links its valued clients to channel partners on request to provide support services such as bot device installation or inspection. This is provided as a courtesy, and SustLabs shall not be responsible or liable to the user or anyone else for any content or actions of any third-party provider of the service

Standard Installation

The quoted price includes Standard installation work based on your purchase, with only one visit.

Standard installation is limited to inserting the device into the existing distribution board and excludes any additional wire, box, or other material or labor, including additional wiring or board cutting.

If more work or material is required at the time of service, an estimate will be provided, and the additional charges and required material (wire, external box, etc.) will be arranged.

If an additional visit is required, it will be paid at the actuals charged by the Installation partner.

Service Slots

From 9 a.m. until 7 p.m., the Installation Partner is available.

Reservations are made at least 1-2 days ahead of time.

Please keep in mind that, while every effort is made to provide prompt service, external circumstances such as commuting or unforeseen delays may cause delays.

Please coordinate with the service partner's technician or coordinator.

Please watch our Installation Video and get our Installation Instructions.
Three-Phase Bot Installation

You can reach our Customer Service by phone.