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The app refreshes every 5 seconds so that the user can get the data on real-time basis. The user can see the number of units consumed at the moment, usage for the month which gets updated every day and also forecasted units for the month based on current trends.


The user can see daily, weekly and monthly appliance wise consumption data and receive overall data in 6 main categories i.e. AC, refrigerator, geyser, washing machine, heating appliance and others, in both units as well as percentage format. The user can quickly check appliance activity from anywhere through the mobile app.


The user can monitor the projected consumption for the month on the app. This will help the user be more conscious of their current consumption and make any changes as required. Also the user can pull out energy statement to know the day-wise consumption of any random date or month.


It is very important to keep your appliances in running order since an appliance may use even up to 2 times energy in case of a fault. The users can add appliances and do an individual  diagnosis of all appliances. This way, the user can always get the appliance repaired before breakdown. 

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I can check electricity wastage with Ohm.

Harish Venkateswaran

OHM helps me optimize my consumption

Sarang Shah

I can Control and forecast my electricity bill with Ohm.

Darshan Ved